Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Health Care Reform Legislation (Remember, spelling don't count)

Proposed Health Care Legislation

The purpose of this bill is to allow folks to get health insurance.

  1. No pre-existing conditions are allowed in any health insurance plan. No ratings will exist based health, age, sex, race or anything else.

  2. Health insurance can be purchased across state lines.

  3. Groups of Businesses or Individuals may be formed to purchase large group policies.
    All Individuals must have a basic health insurance plan.

  4. Individuals that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid are deemed to have an insurance plan.

  5. It is the individual’s responsibility to obtain insurance not any business.

  6. Medical insurance and costs are deductible on income tax returns including elective procedures.

  7. Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant will be allowed to practice without the supervision of a physician.

  8. No caps on insurance payments will be allowed.

  9. Non-profit insurance trusts may be formed to provide health insurance coverage.

  10. Since the Department of Agriculture has more employees than farmers, they will be assigned the duty to police the health insurance law within their existing budget.

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